January 13, 2009

In The News: Flushing Out The Facts

Unfortunately, detox craziness isn't limited to the United States.

Over in Australia, these programs are also heavily promoted at the beginning of every year, hoping to empty out the wallets of gullible individuals high on New Year's resolutions of weight loss and overall health.

The Sydney Morning Herald briefly touches on them in a short article brilliantly titled "Put Down Detox Kit, Let Body Do Its Thing."

In it, one professor of complementary medicine at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology mentions that "there have been no robust clinical trials of any detox programs," and thinks "detox is more sales pitch than science."

My kind of guy!

Meanwhile, Simone Strasser, "a liver specialist and chairwoman of the Digestive Health Foundation, said the liver, kidneys and colon effectively converted toxic substances into harmless byproducts and flushed chemicals out through urination and sweating."

Music to my ears.

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Blake said...

The "detox" craze is ridiculous. It's another one of those buzz words that gets people excited and gets them to spend money. I wrote a post about that a few days ago.
great post!