January 2, 2009

Ready, Set, Scramble!

Scrambled tofu is a highly polarizing brunch entrée.

Many people -- including myself -- love the fluffy texture and savory tones, while others gag just reading those two words on a menu.

In my experience, though, most carnivores who think tofu is the creation of demonic forces with bland palates end up changing their perception of the soy-based food after a few bites of a well-made tofu scramble.

The one kink is that, as delicious as it is, its preparation involves the chopping and dicing of many vegetables.

As wonderful a brunch dish it is, I often find it hard to motivate myself to prepare it on a lazy Sunday morning.

Imagine, then, how pleased I was to stumble upon Fantastic World Foods' tofu scrambler seasoning.

All you need to do is buy a package of extra firm tofu (found at most supermarkets' produce section), crumble it in a bowl, add the seasoning, mix it all up, and then heat everything in a slightly oiled pan.

Best part of all? Each seasoning packet clocks in at 800 milligrams of sodium, meaning that even if shared by just two people (that's quite a bit of scramble!), you are only getting 400 milligrams a piece.

The ingredient list is also a pleasure to read. Barley flakes, dried vegetables, and a variety of spices are the main ingredients.

There is no "onion flavoring" or "celery flavoring," but actual onions and celery. Imagine that!

In total, a tofu scramble prepared this way and shared by two adds up to:

262 calories
1.3 grams saturated fat

400 milligrams sodium

4 grams fiber

21 grams protein

Accompany it with a slice of whole grain toast topped with a tablespoon of your nut butter of choice and you have a nutritious breakfast that is ready to be served before the coffee is done brewing.

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